• Duke - Pristine Painting company mascotInterior and exterior painting
      Quality materials yield quality results. Premium paints simplify maintenance and enhance durability on almost any surface. Careful preparation also ensures a vibrant, long-lasting finish. We utilize professional supplies and techniques to achieve the best results for every project.
    • Green power washing
      We utilize eco-friendly cleaning solvents devoid of bleach. This harsh chemical ingredient dries out wood and shortens its lifespan. Moreover, bleach is harmful for the environment and also represents a significant health risk.
    • Cabinet resurfacing and spraying
      Newly painted cabinets reflect more ambient light. Thus, your kitchen will look both brighter and larger. Cabinetry refinishing instantly enhances any room’s aesthetics and also increases your home’s value. We have been resurfacing and painting cabinets since 1998.
    • Window and door restoration
      Sometimes, saving existing windows and doors is more cost-effective than installing new replacements. We offer professional restoration services to bring your original windows and doors back to life, while also making them more energy efficient.
    • Furniture spraying
      Antique pieces can be visually refreshed with careful spray applications of quality paint, stain or lacquer. Our restoration spraying experience includes furniture, cabinetry and more. Please contact us with your specific project needs.
    • House washing
      Removes most residual dirt and mildew from your home’s exterior. This service utilizes an eco-friendly solvent mixture applied at low water pressure. However if surfaces are especially dirty, a higher pressure wash may be necessary to achieve deeper cleaning.
    • Deck cleaning and staining
      Professional cleaning (same as house washing above) along with surface stain applications for weatherproofing and aesthetic purposes. We use only top-quality stains to help preserve and protect your investment.